Triggers, like instance doors, quest scripts, other things. Trigger’s position is in DBC, it can’t be modified, informations here are just addition for those in DBC.


Field Type Default Comment
entry smallint(5)    
type tinyint(3) 0  
map smallint(5) 0  
screen smallint(5) 0 Not used by core
name varchar(100) Unknown Not used by core
maxcount tinyint(3) 0  
position_x float(0) 0  
position_y float(0) 0  
position_z float(0) 0  
orientation float(0) 0  
required_honor_rank tinyint(3) 0  
required_level tinyint(3) 0  


The Entry ID of the area trigger (must be in AreaTrigger.dbc).


The type of area trigger it is (Enum defined by AscEmu).

0 = Null - not used
1 = Instance (When a player enter in a trigger of that type he'll be teleported at the position set in the fields below. The core also check if the player has the prerequisites.)
2 = Quest - not used
3 = Inn (When a player enter in a trigger of that type he'll enter in rest state.) 
4 = Teleport (Same as type 1 (Instance) but without the requirements check.) 
5 = Spell - not used
6 = Battleground - not used


The ID of the Map the trigger teleports you to. (Only used when type = 1 OR type = 4)


The loading screen that shows while you are teleporting.


A name used by database’s developers to identify an area trigger.


X, Y, Z and O coordinates is position, where you get teleported. (Only used when type = 1 OR type = 4)


The required honor rank to activate the trigger.


The required level to activate the trigger. (Only used when type = 1)