Windows Guide


Optional Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package (Only if you run AscEmu on another PC as it was compiled)

Helpful Programs

Getting the source

Before you start working with the program, read the instruction. help.github.desktop.guides .

Sign in to GitHub and GitHub Desktop before you start to clone.

1. In the File menu, click Clone Repository.


2. Fill in the required information (Repository URL and Local path).


3. Click on Clone and wait until everything is loaded.


CMake Precompile

1. Open CMake(cmake-gui) and fill in the source-path and the build-path:


2. Choose your compiler Visual Studio 15 2017 or other.


3. You should get a list with all available parts of our framework. Make your selection and press “Configure”. Remember to create the folder specified under CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX, otherwise the INSTALL project will fail.

You can choose which client should be supported by AscEmu.


4. Now you can click on “Generate”


If you need maps, vmaps, mmaps enable menu item BUILD_TOOLS

VS Compiling

1. Open PathToYourPrecompiledSource/Ascemu.sln

2. Right-click on “Solution Ascemu” and choose “Build Solution” (F7).


3. Wait while VS compiles your binaries. At the end VS shows something like this:


4. Right-click on “INSTALL” and choose “Project Only -> Build Only INSTALL”


5. The required server files will now be in the folder specified by CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX (by default: C:\AscEmu)

Database Setup

Create the basic DBs

Create the 3 Databases.

ascemu_logon  The login database (accounts)
ascemu_char   The characters database (All created characters)
ascemu_world  The world database (NPC, GO, Instances, Items, ...)

Import the Structure

Import the structure for our databases. Use the files from “…/sql/xxx”

character_base -> ascemu_char DB
logon_base -> ascemu_logon DB

For ascemu_world apply all .sql files in folder ‘fullDB’ from: github.svg Link to Github.

Updating the DBs

Make shure you use the updatefiles for the DBs. You can find them in “…/sql/”

char_updates (all .sql files)  -> ascemu_char
logon_updates (all .sql files) -> ascemu_logon
world_updates (all .sql files) -> ascemu_world

For world_updates apply all .sql files in folder ‘updates’ from: github.svg Link to Github.

Done Your databases are up to date. Move on with this guid.


You can find the extractors in:


Copy all extractors to you main WOW-folder (same folder where you can find wow.exe)

First run map_extractor.exe (output: dbc and maps) Run vmaps.bat (output: vmaps)

Optional You can test mmaps by running mmaps_generator (output: mmaps). This will take a long time…

Copy all output directories (dbc, maps, vmaps opt. mmaps) to your server folder (C:/Ascemu/)


Look for the *.conf files in the “configs” folder of AscEmu github-trunk. Copy the entire configs folder to your AscEmu Installation Folder in order for the server to read them.

Your “installation directory” should now look somewhat like this.


Configuring logon.conf

Enter your MySQL information at the the following section.

<LogonDatabase Hostname = "localhost"
Username = "ascemu"
Password = "ascemu"
Name     = "ascemu_logon"
Port     = "3306">

Configuring world.conf

Enter your MySQL information at the the following section.

<WorldDatabase Hostname = "localhost" Username = "ascemu" Password = "ascemu" Name = "ascemu_world" Port = "3306">
<CharacterDatabase Hostname = "localhost" Username = "ascemu" Password = "ascemu" Name = "ascemu_char" Port = "3306">

Create an Account

1. Go to your world console and create an account.

createaccount <accountname> <password>

example: createaccount admin adminpassword

2. Change permission(gmlevel) in your world console:

setaccpermission <accountname> <permission>

example: setaccpermission admin az

For further information about access levels, have a look to this page GM Access Levels