Access Levels


There are various levels of GM commands you can privilege game accounts with.

The GM levels are additive, meaning the letters can be combined to provide a user with any desired combination of command groups.

A normal player account should be created with GM level 0. (ZERO)

There are two other Special Command Groups, a and z. a gives a user access to every command except the ones in the z group.

An account with GM level az (which is a + z) is considered to have Full Administrator access.

alt text World Access Levels

This can be set in your character database in the table “account_permissions”

Available Levels

b - Character bans, kicks, paralyze.
c - Block/allow whispers, get tickets from help queue, speak and understand all languages.
d - Debug, lots of advanced functions, see page.  
e - Battlegrounds, start, stop, enter, leave.
f - Disconnect by player, disconnect by account.
g - Whisper block/allow.
h - Shows help for commands.
i - Invisible.
j - Invincible.
l - Lookup access.
m - Instant teleport to starting location, char additems/removeitems
n - Reset rep, skills, talent and NPC commands.
o - GameObject commands.
p - Lists GMs online.
q - Recall commands, list, port, add, delete.
r - Kill player/creature, and revive self/player.
s - Save, save all commands.
t - GM flag on/off. (Adds the <gm> in name)
u - Announcements.
v - Summon/appear at player, worldport and warp to trigger.
w - Waypoint commands.

Special Groups

0 - Normal Player.
a - All commands in the above groups and: Account bans, kicks, mute, and spawn bot.
z - Account commands, server restart and shutdown.