logon_icon_s.jpgLogon console


Command Usage Description Available?
help / ?   help, ?: Prints this help text. Yes
account create account create Creates a new account. Yes
account delete account delete Deletes an account by name. Yes
account set gm account set gm Sets gm access to account Yes
account set password account set password Sets a new password for an account Yes
reload   Reloads accounts Yes
rehash   Rehash configs Yes
netstatus   Shows network status Yes
shutdown/exit   Turns logon server off Yes
info   Shows some information about the server Yes

world_icon_s.jpgWorld console

Remote Access

<RemoteConsole Enabled = "0"
                 Host = ""
                 Port = "8092">

Set “Enabled” to 1, set “Host” to the ip ascemu is running on and open the Port.

You can connect to the telnet RA for example with PuTTY.

Telnet 1.JPG

You can now login with an “AZ” account:

Telnet 2.JPG

Type “?” to get a list of all available commands:

Telnet 3.JPG