This table contains the position and custom data for the spawned gameobject.


Field Type Default Comment
id int(11)   key, auto
min_build smallint(6) 12340 key
max_build smallint(6) 12340  
entry int(10) 0  
map int(3) 0  
position_x float(0) 0  
position_y float(0) 0  
position_z float(0) 0  
facing float(0) 0  
orientation1 float(0) 0  
orientation2 float(0) 0  
orientation3 float(0) 0  
orientation4 float(0) 0  
state int(10) 0  
flags int(10) 0  
faction int(10) 0  
scale float(0) 1  
respawnNpcLink int(11) 0  
phase int(10) 0  
overrides int(10) 0  
event_entry int(6) 0  


Autofilled by MySQL, do not touch.


Build number this spawn was introduced.


Max Build number this spawn is valid for.


The entry ID of the gameobject from gameobject_properties table.


The map ID where the gameobject is set.


The position on the map where the gameobject is set.


Facing = orientation….


Thats quiet interesting, it saves triangling of the gameobject.


0 = opened
1 = closed
2 = alternative opened


Value Bit Named Description
1 0x001 GO_FLAG_NONSELECTABLE Not selectable while animation
2 0x002 GO_FLAG_LOCKED Locked, needs a key to open
4 0x004 GO_FLAG_UNTARGETABLE not targetable
8 0x008 GO_FLAG_TRANSPORT Used for transporters (ship….)?
16 0x010 GO_FLAG_NOT_SELECTABLE Not selectable
32 0x020 GO_FLAG_NEVER_DESPAWN Never despawn (mostly for doors…)
64 0x040 GO_FLAG_TRIGGERED controled by an spell?
512 0x200 GO_FLAG_DAMAGED Gameobject is damaged
1024 0x400 GO_FLAG_DESTROYED Gameobject is destroyed

You can combine these flags.


The faction…


The customized scale. It would be saved after .go mod scale X. This field is set Default to the value from row Scale from gameobject_properties table.


This field describes in which phase the gameobject is.


1  = 0x01  Makes the gameobject forever visible on the map after you saw it at least once.
2  = 0x02  When you enter its map, the gameobject gets pushed to you no matter how far it is (but only for players).
4  = 0x04  he Map will get marked that it contains an object like this.
8  = 0x08  When this gameobject moves and sends updates about it's position, do so in the second range - MapMgr::ChangeObjectLocation, +/- 6 units wide instead of +/- 1.
16 = 0x10  Let the core decide about the flags sent in the A9 - example: 252 instead of 352 for Deeprun Tram.
32 = 0x20  Let the core use the full field instead an uint8 in GAMEOBJECT_BYTES_1, if the database creator knows what to do with it.
64 = 0x40  Makes it possible for the core to skip calculating these fields and use whatever was specified in the spawn.


entry from table event_properties