Command Tables


Subcommand Access Description Usage
create a Creates an account .account create
ban a Bans account. .account ban
changepw 0 Change your own password .account changepw
level z Sets gm level on account. Pass it username and 0,1,2,3,az, etc. .account level
mute a Mutes account for . .account mute
unban z Unbans account. .account unban
unmute a Unmutes account .account unmute


Subcommand Access Description Usage
complete m completes achievements id .achieve complete
criteria m completes the specified achievement criteria .achieve criteria
reset m resets achievements id .achieve reset


Subcommand Access Description Usage
castall z Makes all players online cast spell . .admin castall
dispelall z Dispels all negative (or positive w/ 1) auras on all players. .admin dispelall
masssummon z Summons all online players to your location .admin masssummon (optional h or a for Horde/Alliance)
playall z Plays a sound to everyone on the realm. .admin playall



Access: u

Description: Sends Msg To All

Usage: .announce


Subcommand Access Description Usage
createteam e Creates arena team with for targeted player. .arena createteam
setteamleader e Sets the arena team leader for for targeted player (if he is a member of a arena team with type. .arena setteamleader
resetallratings z Resets all arena teams to their default rating .arena resetallratings


2 = 2v2
3 = 3v3
5 = 5v5


Access: u

Description: Sends Widescreen Msg To All

Usage: .wannounce


Access: 1

Description: All commands which require “ 1” at the end will save data automatically without a “ 1” at the end of the command.

Usage: .autosavechanges

.ban and .unban

.ban Subcommand Access Description Usage
all a Bans account, ip, and character. .ban all
character b Bans character. .ban character
ip m Adds an address to the IP ban table. .ban ip
.unban Subcommand Access Description Usage
character b Unbans character. .unban character
ip m Deletes an address from the IP ban table. .unban ip

Note: The for the ban commands includes a value and the type (h>hours, d>days, w>weeks, m>months, y>years, default minutes) For example: .ban char 30 = bans char for 30 minutes .ban char 15d = bans char for 15 days .ban char 1w = bans char for 1 week


Subcommand Access Description Usage
forceinitqueue z Forces initialization of all battlegrounds with active queue. .battleground forceinitqueue
getqueue z Gets common battleground queue information. .battleground getqueue
info e Displays information about current battleground. .battleground info
leave e Leaving the current battleground. .battleground leave
menu e Shows BG Menu .battleground menu
pause e Pauses current battleground match. .battleground pause
playsound e Plays sound_id to all characters in the current bg. .battleground playsound
start e Starts current battleground match. .battleground start
setscore e Sets battleground score. 2 Arguments. .battleground setscore
setstatus e NYI .battleground setstatus
setworldstate e Var can be in hex. WS Value. .battleground setworldstate
setworldstates e Var can be in hex. WS Value. .battleground setworldstate


Subcommand Access Description Usage
add m Shows .character add commands .character add
set m Shows .character set commands .character set
list m Shows .character list commands .character list
clearcooldowns m Clears all cooldowns for your class .character clearcooldowns
demorph m Demorphs targeted character from morphed model .char demorph
levelup m Adds x level to targeted character. .char levelup
removeauras m Removes all auras from target .character removeauras
removesickness m Removes resurrection sickness from the target .char removesickness
learn m Learns spell to targeted character. .char learn
unlearn m Unlearns spell of targeted character. .char unlearn
learnskill m Learns skill targeted character. .char learnskill (optional)
advanceskill m Advances skill line x times.. .char advanceskill <amount, optional, default = 1>
removeskill m Removes skill_id of the targeted character. .char removeskill
increaseweaponskill m Increase equipped weapon skill x times (defaults to 1). .char increaseweaponskill
resetreputation n Resets reputation to character start level. .char resetreputation
resetspells n Resets all spells to starting spells of targeted player. DANGEROUS. .char resetspells
resettalents n Resets all talents of targeted player to that of their current level. DANGEROUS. .char resettalents
resetskills n Resets all skills of targeted character. .char resetskills
removeitem m Removes item x count y from targeted char inventory. .char removeitem
advanceallskills m Advances all skills points. .char advanceallskills

.char add

Subcommand Access Description Usage
copper m Adds amount of copper the selected target. .char add copper
silver m Adds amount of silver the selected target. .char add silver
gold m Adds amount of gold the selected target. .char add gold
honorpoints m Adds x amount of honor points/currency .char add honorpoints
honorkills m Adds x amount of honor kills .char add honorkills
item m Adds item x count y to targeted char inventory. .char add item
itemset m Adds item set to targeted char inventory. .char add itemset

.char set

Subcommand Access Description Usage
allexplored m Reveals the unexplored parts of the map. .char set allexplored
gender m Changes gender of target. 0=male, 1=female. .char set gender
itemsrepaired n Sets all items repaired for selected player .char set itemsrepaired
level m Sets level of selected target to . .char set level
name m Renames character x to y. .char set name
phase m Sets phase of selected player .char set phase
speed m Sets speed of the selected target to . .char set speed
name m Renames character x to y. .char set name
standing m Sets standing of faction x to y. .char set standing
talentpoints m Sets available talent points of the target. .char set talentpoints
title m Sets pvp title for target .char set title
forcerename m Forces char x to rename on next login .char set forcerename
customize m Allows char x to customize on next login .char set customize
factionchange m Allows char x to change the faction on next login .char set factionchange
racechange m Allows char x to change the race on next login .char set racechange

.char list

Subcommand Access Description Usage
skills m Gets all the skills from targeted player. .char list skills
standing m Gets standing of faction from targeted character. .char list standing
items m Shows items of selected Player .char list items
kills m Shows kills of selected Player .char list kills
instances z Shows persistent instances of selected Player .char list instances


Subcommand Access Description Usage
list m Shows active cheats of targeted character. .cheat list
taxi m Toggles TaxiCheat on selected player. .cheat taxi
cooldown m Toggles CooldownCheat on selected player. .cheat cooldown
casttime m Enables no cast time cheat. .cheat casttime
power m Disables mana consumption etc. .cheat power
god m Sets god mode, prevents you from taking damage. .cheat god
fly m Sets fly mode .cheat fly
aurastack m Enables aura stacking cheat. .cheat aurastack
itemstack m Enables item stacking cheat. .cheat itemstack
triggerpass m Ignores area trigger prerequisites. .cheat triggerpass


Access: h

Description: Shows Commands

Usage: .commands


Subcommand Access Description Usage
infront d    
showreact d    
aimove d    
dist d Shows distance between you and target .debug dist
face d    
moveinfo d Shows movement info aof selected target .debug moveinfo
setbytes d    
getbytes d    
landwalk d    
waterwalk d Enables/disables Waterwalk for selected target .debug waterwalk
castspell d Casts spell on selected target. .debug castspell
castself d Selected target casts spell on itself. .debug castself
castspellne d Casts spell on target (only plays animations, doesnt handle effects or range/facing/etc. .debug castspellne
aggrorange d Shows aggro Range of the selected Creature. .debug aggrorange
knockback d Knocks selected target back (default target you). .debug knockback
fade d calls ModThreatModifyer(). .debug fade
threatMod d calls ModGeneratedThreatModifyer(). .debug threatMod
calcThreat d calculates threat. .debug calcThreat
threatList d returns all AI_Targets of the selected Creature. .debug threatList
gettptime d grabs transporter travel time .debug gettptime
itempushresult d sends item push result  
setbit d    
setvalue d    
aispelltestbegin d    
aispelltestcontinue d    
aispelltestskip d    
dumpcoords d Dumps coords to db or file (needs to be checked) .debug dumpcoords
sendpacket d Sending opcodes to you .debug ,
sqlquery d   .debug sqlquery
rangecheck d Checks the yard range and internal range between the player and the target. .debug rangecheck
setallratings d Sets rating values to incremental numbers based on their index. .debug setallratings
testlos d tests los .debug testlos
testindoor d tests indoor .debug testindoor
getheight d Gets height .debug getheight
deathstate d returns current deathstate for target .debug deathstate
sendfailed d    
playmovie d Triggers a movie for a player .debug playmovie
auraupdate d (caster guid = player target)  
auraremove d  
spawnwar d Spawns desired amount of npcs to fight with eachother .debug spawnwar
updateworldstate d Sets the specified worldstate field to the specified value .debug updateworldstate
initworldstates d (re)initializes the worldstates.  
clearworldstates d Clears the worldstates .debug clearworldstates
pvpcredit m Sends PVP credit packet, with specified rank and points .debug pvpcredit
calcdist d Displays distance between your current position and .debug calcdist


Subcommand Access Description Usage
list m Shows available event id’s .event list
start m Starts event by event_id .event start
stop m Stops active event by id .event stop
reset m Resets forced flags for an event .event reset
reload m Reloads all events from database .event reload


Access: m

Description: Gets the current level of a skill

Usage: .getskilllevel


Subcommand Access Description Usage
active t Set/Remove tag. .gm active
allowwhispers c Allows whispers from player while in .gm on mode. .gm allowwhispers
announce u Send an announce to all online GMs .gm announce
blockwhispers c Blocks whispers from player revert .gm allowwhispers mode. .gm blockwhispers
devtag 1 Set/Remove tag. .gm devtag
list 0 Shows active GM’s .gm list
logcomment t Adds a comment to the gm log .gm log


Subcommand Access Description Usage MyMaster
get c Gets GM Ticket list. .gmticket get Yes
getId c Gets GM Ticket by ticket ID. .gmticket getId Yes
delId c Deletes GM Ticket by ticket ID. .gmticket delId <ticket_id Yes
list c Lists all active GM Tickets. .gmticket list  
get c Gets GM Ticket with ID x. .gmticket get  
remove c Removes GM Ticket with ID x. .gmticket remove  
deletepermanent z Deletes GM Ticket with ID x permanently. .gmticket deletepermanent  
assign c Assigns GM Ticket with id x to GM y (if empty to your self). .gmticket assign  
release c Releases assigned GM Ticket with ID x. .gmticket release  
comment c Sets comment x to GM Ticket with ID y. .gmticket comment  
toggle z Toggles the ticket system status. .gmticket toggle Yes


Subcommand Access Description Usage
select o Selects the nearest GameObject to you .gobject select
selectguid o Selects the GO with GUID .gobject selectguid
delete o Deletes selected GameObject .go delete
spawn o Spawns a GameObject by entry ID .gobject spawn
info o Gives you information about selected GO .gobject info
damage o Damages the GO for the specified hitpoints .gobject damage
rebuild o Rebuilds the selected GO. .gobject rebuild
open o Opens/Closes the selected GO. .go open
enable o Enables the selected GO for use. .gobject enable
export o Exports the current GO selected .gobject export
movehere g Moves selected GO to your position .gobject movehere
rotate g Rotates the selected GO (x-, y-,o-axis). Default o. .go rotate o (setting the rotation of GO = rotation of player)

.gobject set

Subcommand Access Description Usage
state o Sets the state byte of the selected GO .gobject set state .gobject set state 1 (saves to gamobject_spawns table)
flag o Sets the flags of the GO .gobject set flag .gobject set flag 1 (saves to gamobject_spawns table)
faction o Sets the faction of the GO .gobject set faction .gobject set faction 1 (saves to gamobject_spawns table)
phase o Phase selected GameObject .gobject set phase .gobject set phase 1 (saves to gamobject_spawns table)
scale o Sets scale of selected GO. (1 is normal) .gobject set scale .gobject set scale 1 (saves to gamobject_spawns table)
animprogress o Sets anim progress .gobject set animprogress

go* (teleport)

Subcommand Access Description Usage
gocreature v Teleports you to the creature with spawn id x. .gocreature
gogameobject v Teleports you to the gameobject with spawn ID .gogameobject
gostartlocation m Teleports player target to names starting location .gostartlocation
gotrig v Teleports you to the chosen area trigger position. .gotrig


Access: p

Description: Shows your position

Usage: .gps


Subcommand Access Description Usage
join m Force joins a guild .guild join
create m Creates a guild. .guild create
rename m Renames a guild. .guild rename
listmembers m Lists guildmembers and their ranks .guild members
removeplayer m Removes a player from a guild. .guild removeplayer
disband m Disbands the guild of your target. .guild disband


Access: h

Description: Shows help for command

Usage: .help


Subcommand Access Description Usage
create z Generically instances a map that requires instancing, mapid x y z .instance create
reset z Removes instance ID x from target player .instance reset
resetall m Removes all instance IDs from target player. .instance resetall
shutdown z Shutdown instance with ID x (default is current instance). .instance shutdown
info m Gets info about instance with ID x (default is current instance). .instance info
exit m Exits current instance, return to entry point. .instance exit



Access: j

Description: Toggles INVINCIBILITY (mobs won’t attack you)

Usage: .invincible [player name]


Access: i


Usage: .invisible [player name]


Subcommand Access Description Usage
account f Disconnects the session with account by name. .kick account
ip f Disconnects the session by ip address. .kick ip
player f Disconnects the player by player name. .kick player

Note: The value is optional


Access: r

Description: Kills selected unit

Usage: .kill (to kill a selected unit.) or: .kill (to kill a player with name )


Access: 1

Description: Adds a comment to the GM log for the admins to read

Usage: .logcomment


Subcommand Access Description Usage
achievement l Looks up achievement by name. .lookup achievement
creature l Looks up creature by name. .lookup creature
faction l Looks up faction by name. .lookup faction
item l Looks up item by name. .lookup item
object l Looks up gameobject by name. .lookup object
quest l Looks up quest by title. .lookup quest
skill l Looks up skill by name. .lookup skill
spell l Looks up spell by name. .lookup spell


Subcommand Access Description Usage
hp m Modifies health points (HP) of selected target .modify hp
mana m Modifies mana points (MP) of selected target. .modify mana
rage m Modifies rage points of selected target. .modify rage
energy m Modifies energy points of selected target. .modify energy
runicpower m Modifies runic power points of selected target. .modify runicpower
strength m Modifies the strength value of the selected target. .modify strength
agility m Modifies the agility value of the selected target. .modify agility
intelligence m Modifies the intelligence value of the selected target. .modify int
spirit m Modifies the spirit value of the selected target. .modify spirit
armor m Modifies the armor of selected target. .modify armor
holy m Modifies the holy resistance of selected target. .modify holy
fire m Modifies the fire resistance of selected target. .modify fire
nature m Modifies the nature resistance of selected target. .modify nature
frost m Modifies the frost resistance of selected target. .modify frost
shadow m Modifies the shadow resistance of selected target. .modify frost
arcane m Modifies the arcane resistance of selected target. .modify arcane
damage m Modifies the damage done by the selected target. .modify damage
ap m Modifies the attack power of the selected target. .modify ap
rangeap m Modifies the range attack power of the selected target. .modify rangeap
scale m Modifies the scale of the selected target (1 is normal scale). .modify scale
nativedisplayid m Modifies the native display identifier of the target. .modify nativedisplayid
displayid m Modifies the display identifier (DisplayID) of the target. .modify displayid
flags m Modifies the flags of the selected target. .modify flags
faction m Modifies the faction template of the selected target. .modify faction
dynamicflags m Modifies the dynamic flags of the selected target. .modify dynamicflags
happiness m Modifies the happiness value of the selected pet. .modify happiness
boundingraidius m Modifies the bounding radius of the selected target. .modify boundinfradius
combatreach m Modifies the combat reach of the selected target. .modify combatreach
emotestate m Modifies the Unit emote state of the selected target. .modify npcemotestate
bytes0 m WARNING! Modifies the bytes0 entry of selected target. .modify bytes0
bytes1 m WARNING! Modifies the bytes1 entry of selected target. .modify bytes1
bytes2 m WARNING! Modifies the bytes2 entry of selected target. .modify bytes2



Access: m

Description: Mounts into specified modelid

Usage: .mount


Access: h

Description: Dismounts selected target

Usage: .dismount


Subcommand Access Description Usage
addagent n   .npc addagent
addtrainerspell m Adds trainer spell to trainer .npc addtrainerspell
set 0 Shows set subcommands .npc set
vendoradditem n Adds to vendor .npc vendoradditem
vendorremoveitem n Removes from vendor. .npc vendorremoveitem
delete n Deletes targetd mob from world. .npc delete .npc delete 1 (removes creature from creature_spawns table).
info n Displays information of the targeted npc. .npc info
listAgent n   .npc listAgent
say n Makes selected mob say text . .npc say
yell n Makes selected mob yell text . .npc yell
come n Makes npc move to your position .npc come
return n Returns ncp to spawnpoint. .npc return
spawn n Spawns npc of entry .npc spawn
respawn n Respawns a dead npc from its corpse. .respawn
possess n Possess an npc (mind control) .npc possess
unpossess n Unpossess any currently possessed npc. .npc unpossess
select n selects npc closest .npc select
follow m Sets selected npc to follow you .npc npcfollow
stopfollow m Sets npc to not follow anything .npc nullfollow
listloot m displays possible loot for the selected NPC. .npc listloot
ongameobject n Toggles selected NPC onGameobject state. Required when spawning a NPC on a Gameobject. .npc ongameobject save
cast n Makes the selected NPC cast this spell. .npc cast

.npc set

Subcommand Access Description Usage
canfly n Toggles selected NPC CanFly state .npc set canfly
emote n Sets emote state of the targeted npc. .npc set emote (sets emote temporarily) .npc set emote 1 (saves the emote in creature_spawn table)
equip m Equipping selected npc. .npc set equip (to equip item) .npc set equip 0 (to remove equiped item) Slots: 0 =melee, 1 = offhand, 2 = ranged
formationmaster m Sets formation master. .npc set formationmaster
formationslave m Sets formation slave with distance and angle .npc set formationslave .npc set formationslave 1 (saves the formation data)
formationclear m Removes formation from creature .npc set formationclear .npc set formationclear 1 (removes the formation data from db)
flags m Change flags for creature spawn. You may dclear your cache. .npc set flags .npc set flags 1 (saves the flags to creature_spawns table)
phase n Sets phase of selected creature. .npc set .npc set phase 1 (saves the phase to creature_spawns table)
standstate m Change standstate for creature spawn. .npc set standstate .npc set standstate 1 (saves the standstate to creature_spawns table)


Subcommand Access Description Usage
create m Creates a pet with . .pet create
dismiss m Dismisses selected pet. .pet dismiss
rename m Renames a selected. .pet rename
removespell m Removes pet spell for selected pet. .pet removespell
setlevel m Sets pet level of selected pet. .pet setlevel


Access: m

Description: Displays informations about the selected or given character

Usage: .playerinfo [player name]


Subcommand Access Description Usage
addboth 2 Add quest to the targeted NPC as start & finish .quest addboth
addfinish 2 Add quest to the targeted NPC as finisher .quest addfinish
addstart 2 Add quest to the targeted NPC as starter .quest addstart
delboth 2 Delete quest from the targeted NPC as start & finish .quest delboth
delfinish 2 Delete quest from the targeted NPC as finisher .quest delfinish
delstart 2 Delete quest from the targeted NPC as starter .quest delstart
complete 2 Complete/Finish quest .quest complete
fail 2 Fail quest .quest fail
finisher 2 Lookup quest finisher for quest .quest finisher
item 2 Lookup itemid necessary for quest .quest item
list 2 Lists the quests for the npc .quest list
load 2 Loads quests from database .quest load
giver 2 Lookup quest giver for quest .quest giver
remove 2 Removes the quest from the targeted player .quest remove
reward 2 Shows reward for quest .quest reward
status 2 Lists the status of quest .quest status
start 2 Starts quest .quest start
startspawn 2 Port to spawn location for quest (starter) .quest startspawn
finishspawn 2 Port to spawn location for quest (finisher) .quest finishspawn


Subcommand Access Description Usage
list q List all recall locations. .recal list
add q Add current position to recall location .recal add
del q Remove a recall location by name .recal del
port q Ports you to recalled location .recal port
portplayer m Ports specified player to a recalled location .recal portplayer
portus m Ports you and the targeted character to recalled location .recal portus


Access: r

Description: Revives you, or a selected player

Usage: .revive (revives target or self) or .revive (revives player with name )



Access: b

Description: Roots the target

Usage: .root


Access: b

Description: Unroots the target

Usage: .unroot


Subcommand Access Description Usage
setmotd m Sets MOTD text. .server setmotd
rehash z Reloads config file. .server rehash
reloadtable m Do not use this command on a productive server!! .server reloadtable
shutdown z Initiates server shutdown in seconds (30 by default). .server shutdown
restart z Initiates server restart in seconds (30 by default). .server restart
cancelshutdown z Cancels a Server Restart/Shutdown. .server cancelshutdown
save s Save’s targeted character .server save
saveall s Save’s all online characters .server saveall
info 0 Server info (Onlinetime, max online players,…) .server info

.server reloadtable

NOTE: Do not use these commands on a productive server!!!

Subcommand Access Description Usage
gameobjects z Reload gameobjets  
creatures z Reload creatures  
areatriggers z Reload areatriggers table  
command_overrides z Reload command_overrides table  
fishing z Reload fishing table  
gossip_menu_option z Reload gossip_menu_option table  
graveyards z Reload graveyards table  
items z Reload items table  
itempages z Reload itempages table  
npc_script_text z Reload npc_script_text table  
npc_text z Reload npc_text table  
pet_level_abilities z Reload pet_level_abilities table  
player_xp_for_level z Reload player_xp_for_level table  
points_of_interest z Reload points_of_interest table  
quests z Reload quests table  
teleport_coords z Reload teleport_coords table  
worldbroadcast z Reload worldbroadcast table  
worldmap_info z Reload worldmap_info table  
worldstring_tables z Reload worldstring_tables table  
zoneguards z Reload zoneguards table  


Subcommand Access Description Usage
list c Shows all active tickets .ticket list
listall c Shows all tickets in the database .ticket listall
get c Returns the content of the specified ID .ticket get
close c Close ticket with specified ID .ticket close
delete a Delete ticket by specified ID .ticket delete

teleport and summon

Subcommand Access Description Usage
appear v You appear at the chosen character position. .appear
summon v Summons character by name to your position .summon
worldport v Ports you to given map and coordination .worldport


Subcommand Access Description Usage
info m Displays the current transport info .transport info
spawn m Spawns a transport in the current instance .transport spawn
despawn m Despawns the transport you are currently on .transport despawn
start m Force starts the current transport .transport start
stop m Force stops the current transport .transport stop
modperiod m Changes the period of the current transport .transport modpersiod
getperiod m Displays the current transport period in ms .transport getperiod


Subcommand Access Description Usage
ejectpassenger m Ejects the passenger from the specified seat .vehicle ejectpassenger
ejectallpassengers m Ejects all passengers from targeted vehicle .vehicle ejectallpassengers
installaccessories m Installs the accessories for the selected vehicle .vehicle installaccessories
removeaccessories m Removes the accessories of the selected vehicle .vehicle removeaccessories
addpassenger m Adds a new NPC passenger to the vehicle .vehicle addpassenger


Subcommand Access Description Usage
add w Add wp at current pos to selected NPC. .waypoint add
show w Show wp’s for selected creature .waypoint show
hide w Hide wp’s for selected creature .waypoint hide
delete w Delete selected wp .waypoint delete
movehere w NPC moves to selected wp .waypoint movehere
flags w Wp flags .waypoint flags
waittime w Adds the wait time to selected wp .waypoint waittime
emote w Adds emote to selected wp .waypoint emote
skin w Let the NPC skin at this wp .waypoint skin
change w Change at this wp .waypoint change
info w Show info for wp .waypoint info
movetype w Change the movement type for NPC by reaching the selected wp .waypoint movetype
generate w Generates randomly wps for selected NPC. .waypoint generate
save w Save all waypoints of the selected NPC. .waypoint save
deleteall w Delete all waypoints of the selected NOC. .waypoint deleteall
addfly w Adds a flying waypoint on current position for selected NPC. .waypoint addfly